A New Way to Graduate. Online.

New Graduation offers you the opportunity to honor your graduates in a brand new way. New Graduation doesn’t replace the pomp and circumstance of a traditional graduation ceremony, but offers your school the platform it needs to showcase your students in a way that extends beyond the scope of what a traditional ceremony provides.

Custom branded graduation platform for your school

We build a custom graduation platform just for you. A large part of graduation is honoring the institution from which students are graduating. We take that seriously. We will use all of your unique school branding to build you a graduation platform that is clean, classy and proudly represents your institution.

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Honor your graduates

The heart of the platform: the List of Graduates

The pinnacle moment of graduation: a student’s name is called, and that individual receives their moment of recognition. This platform is that moment—but lasting longer, telling a deeper story, and completely online.

List of Graduates

The heart of the graduation platform is the List of Graduates. It promotes each graduate by name, honors their awards and highlights the groups that they participated in.

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Honor your graduates

Graduate Profiles

Each graduate will receive their own customized page. The page will introduce the graduates with a bio that highlights awards, details areas of participation, and presents their future aspirations.

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Honor each student by showcasing the awards they have received.  These awards will be displayed on both the List of Graduates and Graduate Profile page.


Whether you are a high school highlighting anything from sports to fine arts, ASB to clubs—or a college celebrating involvement in departments, majors, activities, or organizations: celebrate each student by listing the different things they participated in. Explore each category and discover the overlaps.

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Livestream your Ceremony

We will help you use existing technology from YouTube, Facebook Live and/or Instagram Live, to broadcast a ceremony for people to enjoy from around the world. These technologies introduce an entirely new level of interaction and community to the ceremony of graduation.

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Extend the Honor. Extend the Celebration

Honor your Faculty

Honor your faculty and staff with a page that highlights their importance to your school.

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Make it special and meaningful

Message from your Administrator

Provide a special message from the principal, president, head of school, or dean to the class of 2020.

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We understand you’re planning for these events right now!

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