We find ourselves in a new world, with new challenges and new situations. It’s in those challenges that we realize new opportunities and claim new victories. We are proud to give you: New Graduation. A revolutionary way to honor all those who have worked so hard to achieve their accomplishments.

New Graduation: SO MUCH MORE

New Graduation is not limited to only being a solution for the COVID-19 crisis. The platform is a long-term solution for a host of existing education models.

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New Graduation takes the graduation experience online in a completely new way. We build a custom graduation platform for your school: your branding, your look, and most importantly—your graduates. Explore an innovative new way to celebrate your students.

Your individualized platform will feature your students’ accomplishments by allowing any user to select a single graduate from a comprehensive list of your students under an area called List of Graduates. Each graduate will have their own personal page that presents their accolades called The Graduate Profile. Then, of course, the platform will provide a live-streamed, online graduation ceremony on your scheduled graduation day.

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Our platform is simple and easy to use.  Here are a few views of what your online graduation platform could look like:

We understand you’re planning for these events right now!

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